We have a 1.5 years old stuffy named Ellie. Sometimes she will get ‘hot’ spots, will scratch herself and lick her paws. We were told by a vet that she has a food allergies but not sure what food she is allergic to. She used to eat Flint River Ranch dry food that has no by-products or any other garbage. We switched her to Nature’s Variety dry food that also is an excellent dog food. Ellie still gets ‘hot spots. Any suggestions?

Common food allergens include chicken by-products, wheat, soy and corn.
Some dogs also have senstivities to chicken since you find chicken in almost everything from treats to kibble.

You might want to try the Nutro Grain Free because it is a limited ingredient diet. As a limited ingredient diet, it has a single novel protein and a single source of carbohydrate. A novel protein is one that the dog has not had a lot of exposure to and is thus less likely to have developed an allergy to it, such as venison or turkey. A single carbohydrate source in potato eliminates the many possibilities of food allergies that might be caused by having many different types of carbs present.